Whats on Malta, 2010, Olaug Vethal (1946-2007) Art Exhibition, Radisson SAS Golden Sands,

A native of Norway, Olaug Vethal became one of Malta’s most prolific artists, known primarily for her ‘…movement  and expressive brushstrokes…..each piece is a mosaic of an endless tapestry concerned with freedom of invention’ Dr Joseph Paul Cassar . Olaug Vethal is considered one of the major proponents of figurative expressionism that also had a touch of impressionism in so far as ‘capturing a moment in time’ and ‘en plein air’ painting. Through this, she embraced the realistic depiction of everyday people and scenes in Malta, particularly village topics.

From 1964 to 1987 Vethal studied various subjects including gymnastics, music, philosophy, German, Latin, philology, History of Art, printing, and  fine art , between both the University of Oslo, Norway,  as well as the University of Hamburg, Germany. Residing primarily in Malta since after this date, Vethal has also been teaching art at A level standard privately, as well as at the De La Salle Sixth form between 1996 and 2007. After her demise in 2007 , various exhibitions took place both in Malta and in Norway . These include the 2008 exhibition at St James Cavalier entitled ‘ Grazzi Malta’ , the 2009 exhibition at Jessheim gallery in Oslo, Norway entitled ‘ En fargerik reise / one colourful journey’ , and also at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Malta entitled ‘ Drawings and prints ‘. Many exhibitions are to follow.

Olaug Vethal chose to represent the world around her in a manner of exalting the virtues of a simple lifestyle. Her favourite topics included portraits of family and friends, to bathers by the sea, tribal figures, jazz musicians, temples,  boats, dancers and nude figures, primarily those of robust figure.This exhibition entitled ‘ Bathers’ which will be exhibited at the Radisson Blu Golden Sands resort in Ghajn Tuffieha between the 28th May and 26th June 2010, will display some of her most popular subjects.


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